About National Media Connection

The NMC Company Story

Established in 2002, National Media Connection is a full-service national advertising agency specializing in short and long form direct response television advertising and marketing.

With the most identifiable national advertising campaigns on television, we deliver several thousand live television leads every week – more than any other TV lead generation company in the country. You benefit by having the absolute lowest cost per lead possible.

We’re the actual agency that creates, produces and directs all advertising creative, as well as media buys – so no outside vendor costs get passed on to you.

Unlike most other agencies, NMC has in-house production studios and state-of-the-art editing suites resulting in significantly lower production costs.

Plus, NMC is not a wholesaler/reseller.

Why pay a broker commission when you can work directly with the lead source? With no middleman markups – you save hundreds, maybe even thousands, every week, when compared with a traditional agency.

Combining over 100 years’ experience in television and radio advertising, our award-winning team of DRTV producers, writers, creative directors, and production specialists consistently produce successful media campaigns – from 30-second spots to 30-minute infomercials.

When you’re looking to brand your company’s identity – NMC will create a customized campaign specifically for you. We’ve produced and directed the most successful direct response campaigns for the many industries on television.

Our low rates and on-point messaging give our clients the best possible return on investment.