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Clients ask me all the time how they can grow their business. The most crucial element that controls your ability to grow is the influx of good fresh leads. Without new leads there’s very few new clients and without new clients it will be difficult, if not impossible, to grow. All the genius and infrastructure in the world isn’t going to amount to a hill of beans if you can’t generate sales! My first boss in this business used to always tell me, “New business is the lifeblood of our growth. Without it we can’t prosper.” He was the General Manager of our TV station and we had plenty of good, established clients, but we had no chance of hitting our numbers without adding new clients in new industries every month. I had just become an Account Executive, moving over from a technical position in Master Control (the last line of defense literally “switching” on the go and putting the shows on the air). Four years of college, one year in Master Control, and two months of training and eventually I was handed my only tool sales tool: A telephone book. Dialing for dollars was an important benchmark in establishing young hires’ abilities back then. And I was hungry to succeed. Very hungry. My boss used to joke that “I’d eat the dead flesh off a cadaver if it would get me a new client.” Fortunately that “opportunity” never presented itself. But to succeed I knew I needed to outwork everyone, and that opportunity always exists. Hard work and commitment meant my clients’ success and they appreciated that I always went the extra mile. I wrote their campaigns and produced their commercials, all at no cost to them. I picked up and delivered the shows on tight deadlines, sometimes in the middle of the night if needed, to make sure they made it on air in time. They only had to pay for the airtime and I received a commission for what they spent. And as I became a writing/producing expert, they spent a lot of money and the success stories started to pile up. Sometimes we were victims of our own success, like the time a client got 400 calls from one $450 infomercial airing and needed to wait another two months before buying another $450 airing. For the most part, success meant more revenue, more clients and, of course, more work. From the Yellow Pages I wrote enough business (and infomercials and commercials) to put me in the top ranks, Nationwide, of all Account Executives at Pax TV (now ION). Nearly 20 years later, I’ve got a similar model that’s even more successful at National Media Connection. Now clients don’t even pay for airtime. They don’t pay for talent or production, either. They only pay for the calls we generate from successful National campaigns that we write, produce and air on quality media that we’ve established over many years and many millions spent.

The model that I honed in the ’90s is now exploding. The internet has helped Marketing Directors and business owners appreciate the incredible value of knowing your cost of sales. In a world of performas and spreadsheets, more fixed costs means more control and less risk. Back when I was “fishing for dollars” with the Yellow Pages, I could only dream of calls flowing in from companies interested in advertising on our station. Sure, it happened every once in a while, but it was unpredictable. Imagine being able to dictate when you get your calls and from where? Even more, imagine being able to increase or slow down your leads based on your needs, or even have them forwarded to a different location at a moment’s notice? You don’t have to imagine anymore. That’s what we’ve built for you at National Media Connection.

I’m proud to announce in today’s blog that we are rolling out a new campaign for alcohol/drug addiction. Unfortunately, this is a growing problem in this country. So much so that it’s now covered by most private insurance policies. We’d like to connect those that need help with treatment centers who can provide it. Our national campaign will deliver addicts directly to treatment centers in their states and hours of operation.

So if you want to grow your company you need to increase sales. To increase sales you need a dependable flow of quality inbound leads that are non-incentivized and compliant. It’s called performance based marketing, or “risk-free” marketing. National Media Connection is experienced and dedicated, with billions in sales generated for our clients over 12 years, in using these tools to help you grow. Call or email us to start receiving inbound leads today. If we’re not in your industry, contact us to explore how we may help. Like you, we are always looking for new opportunities.

Stay Tuned,
Matthew S. Goldreich
National Media Connection