Custom Pay Per Call Direct Response

Branded Lead Generation Campaigns.

If your business qualifies, National Media Connection will create your branded commercial or infomercial campaign for FREE. You don’t pay for professional scripting, talent, media or distribution. We invest in your company. You only pay for a live inbound call generated by the creatives that you approve, at a price that we establish together. If your answer is “yes” to the below questions, you may qualify for a FREE NMC Direct Response Branded TV Campaign.

  • Can your product or service be sold nationwide, in at least 75% of the US?
  • Does your product/service have mass consumer appeal?
  • Can you accept inbound calls 24/7? (If no, we can help with this one.)

With our in-house production studios, state-of-the-art editing suites and writing/production specialists, NMC will create a branded campaign that will dramatically grow your sales and your brand. Our commercials and infomercials air on top national networks and local TV stations, but you won’t pay a dime for these airings. Don’t pay for production and media and hope that you’ll get ROI. Partner with over 75 years of combined experience and only pay for proven results. At NMC we are dedicated to providing our clients with a solid return on investment. We’ve helped many companies achieve unprecedented growth with our branded pay per call TV campaigns.

Call and find out how we do it!: 1-800-257-0485