DRTV Lead Generation

Custom Direct Response Pay-Per-Call Television Campaigns

National Media Connection, a leader in DRTV direct response television advertising, works with Fortune 500 and midsize companies to generate consumer response while growing their brand.

Our branded DRTV campaigns produce live leads from nationally and locally televised commercials. We execute productions and media buys that resonate directly with consumers. They see the commercials and infomercials and they call the toll-free number advertised. That call rings directly to our client.

Working with large and mid-size companies, NMC scales these direct response television campaigns for optimal exposure by working directly with targeted television networks and stations. In addition, we “release” your offer to several media sources that air our commercials and infomercials on a pay-per-call basis. We pass these opportunities on to our clients. Whether working with your existing creatives, or producing a campaign from scratch, we know how to buy media and monitor results to generate maximum response and explosive ROI.

Sound easy? If you’ve ever tried it on your own, you know that most television campaigns fail. Maybe you can perform open-heart surgery, but unless you have an advanced degree and years of experience, it’s better to hire an expert. Although it’s not life or death, a failed television campaign is expensive and time consuming. It’s not much fun losing a lot of money and wasting a bunch of time.

We have over 100 years of combined experience at NMC. Our team works with brands to exemplify the highest overall projected schedule valuations using the art and science of DRTV.

DRTV provides instant tracking and quantifiable lead generation and, when done right, is amazingly cost effective. We can calculate the efficiency of each airing with an actual cost per lead and ROI.

This allows us to optimize media that performs well and eliminate what doesn’t – resulting in a more efficient media buy.

DRTV provides immediate customer feedback about your campaign and is ideal for introducing products/services to the masses. You’ll capture the caller’s information for market research or future marketing initiatives.

Branded TV Campaigns – Fortune 500 Companies

Direct Response TV Advertising has grown exponentially with Fortune 500 companies, as they have become increasingly aware of the need to target specific audiences or demographics utilizing direct response media as an outlet.

“It seems only logical that more will embrace the DRTV model. Johnson & Johnson, for example, spent $22 million on its DRTV launch of Neutrogena SkinID last year and managed to cut into more than 30% of Proactiv’s web traffic. J&J’s success raises the question of whether more package-goods players will crowd into DRTV as they did during the last recession – only this time fully embracing the model by selling product, too, rather than just as a media- buying strategy.

OxiClean marketer Church & Dwight has tried selling other brands via DRTV, spending $13.8 million last year on brands ranging from Arm & Hammer to Trojan. SC Johnson also has used DRTV its Ziploc and Oust brands, spending $21.7 million last year in all.” – Advertising Age

One aspect of direct response advertising that makes it so enticing is the ability to obtain direct and immediate feedback on media performance. NMC provides media tracking software which allows immediate confirmation on your campaign’s performance – giving you immediate data as each commercial airs. Not only is it incredibly efficient, it’s also a lot of fun!

At NMC our focus is on national performance-based TV media campaigns and pay per call marketing that yield a high ROI.

Have an exciting product or service? Let us introduce it to America – and introduce you to a new tax bracket. Let’s do a branded pay-per-call campaign together.

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