Video Production Services

Direct Response TV Commercials and Infomercials for Prolific Live Lead Generation

An industry leader in DRTV short and long form direct response TV advertising, National Media Connection provides expert video production services, offering complete solutions for clients at all levels. Dynamic script-writing and full service video production capabilities, combined with expert media buying, ultimately delivers unparalleled call volume for our clients. Whether you’re an established Fortune 500 brand or an innovative start-up, if you have something that consumers want, we’ll bring your existing or new television campaigns to new levels. We literally have to deliver impactful results or your campaign is FREE!

At National Media Connection, our own in-house video production studios and state-of-the-art editing suites have the latest technology available. With an award winning production crew we create customized DRTV television advertising campaigns that deliver qualified consumer initiated leads for all of our clients – that’s the NMC guarantee.

And with over 100 years of combined experience, we’ve created a streamlined process that can get your campaign on air far sooner than other companies who only do production or only buy media.

Our unique model even allows you to test us alongside our competitors since you’re only paying for inbound calls.

At NMC we offer our clients some of the most innovative scriptwriting, directing and video production talent available. With a range of pricing structures, we can customize your advertising campaign to meet your video production requirements.

Since all of our video production is done in-house, unlike most agencies, you do not pay third party vendor fees.

Since we do everything – even including closed captioning – in house, we are able to revise creative often within hours – not days or weeks. By reacting and adapting to current socio-economic conditions, we are able to promote a fresh and contemporary message. This provides credibility to the service being marketed and attracts a higher percentage of viewers.

In sum, NMC can offer a complete (DRTV) advertising campaign from conception to completion, because we are the full service DRTV advertising agency that creates, produces and directs all media plans and DRTV video film production on-site, on time and on budget.

This experienced approach in multimedia is just one of many examples that sets National Media Connection apart – great commercials and infomercials that deliver quality live TV lead generation!
Our creative inspires and motivates – call us or contact us to get started!