Infomercial Advertising

National Media Connection is a national advertising agency specializing in the conception, production, placement and distribution of 30-minute paid programming, otherwise known as infomercials.

Long-form DRTV advertising benefits with NMC:

  • An immediate infusion of new leads
  • Instant access to motivated prospects
  • Educated consumers
  • A potential one-call close
  • A customized campaign increasing brand identity
  • A quality, sophisticated look

While our infomercials have the look, feel and sophistication of a national advertisement, they’re surprisingly cost effective.

NMC’s dedicated and experienced team of DRTV producers, writers, and production specialists will create a successful media campaign that your company will be thrilled to air. Your 30-minute infomercial from NMC will inform and entertain. Unlike other forms of advertising, viewers will actually “opt in” to your TV show.