Infomercial Advertising

National Media Connection is a national advertising agency specializing in the conception, production, placement and distribution of 30-minute paid programming, otherwise known as infomercials.

Long-form DRTV advertising benefits with NMC:

  • An immediate infusion of new leads
  • Instant access to motivated prospects
  • Educated consumers
  • A potential one-call close
  • A customized campaign increasing brand identity
  • A quality, sophisticated look

While our infomercials have the look, feel and sophistication of a national advertisement, they’re surprisingly cost effective. And if, after analyzing your product and service, we think it has the right broadcast appeal, we will invest with you by producing, placing and distributing your entire show at no cost. You will only pay for the resulting leads at a price that nearly guarantees your ROI. We take the risk and we both share in the rewards!

NMC’s dedicated and experienced team of DRTV producers, writers, and production specialists will create a successful media campaign that your company will be thrilled to air. Your 30-minute infomercial from NMC will inform and entertain. Unlike other forms of advertising, viewers will actually “opt in” to your TV show.