Infomercial Pay-Per-Call

National Media Connection is a national advertising agency specializing in the conception, production, placement and distribution of 30-minute paid programming (infomercials), often referred to as long form advertising. And with NMC, not only will we write and produce your show, we’ll also air it on a performance basis. So you won’t take the risk by paying for media, we will. You’ll only pay for live, exclusive calls from engaged viewers interested in purchasing your product or service. So we’re invested to create a show that will deliver fantastic results, or else we lose money on the media schedule.

This explosive format, conceived in the 1980s, is a complete game-changer. When you deliver the right message to the right audience, it’s like winning the lottery for your business. Only it’s better, since it’s not a game of chance but rather your smart decision and our hard work that makes it happen. Ever hear of Apple? They introduced one of their early MACs with an infomercial. ProActive has billions in profit and is a household name as a result of their industry-leading infomercial. There are too many examples to list here. Your infomercial with National Media Connection will start delivering calls, and help grow your business, from the very first airing. Below are just a few of the benefits.

Long-form DRTV advertising benefits with NMC:

  • An immediate infusion of new leads
  • A huge boost in company morale once the show starts delivering
  • Predictability – you’ll know when it’s airing and when to expect calls. We can even predict weekly budget and call volume.
  • Instant access to motivated prospects
  • Educated consumers – spending 30 minutes with a potential customer is much more effective than spending thirty seconds or one minute with them
  • A potential one-call close
  • Instant credibility – TV ignites all media
  • A customized campaign increasing brand identity
  • A quality, sophisticated look

While our infomercials have the look, feel and sophistication of a national advertisement, they’re surprisingly cost effective.

NMC’s dedicated and experienced team of DRTV producers, writers, and production specialists will create a successful media campaign that your company will be thrilled to air. Your 30-minute infomercial from NMC will inform and entertain. Unlike other forms of advertising, viewers will actually “opt in” to your TV show.  Please contact us to view several examples of NMC’s successful infomercial campaigns.