How NMC Produces Live Lead Generation

Pre-Production Services

One of the most important aspects in producing live leads in any industry is creating compelling copy.

The NMC creative team has an amazing track record of producing winning television campaigns, which starts from the very first conversation with our clients. We begin by researching your industry. Wether is it in the mortgage industry, addiction and recovery, senior auto financing, final expense, reverse mortgage, brands, healthcare, or any other we start asking questions to discover why customers buy from you and what separates you from your competitors (Unique Selling Proposition). Then we study the psychology of the core customer within your industry. Why do they buy? What are the hot buttons that will generate response? After years of experience and millions of inbound calls, we know what will trigger interest. The offer has to be crafted the right way to cater to your audience and just a few words can mean the difference between success and failure. Should there be an on-air spokesperson? Male or female or both? What age and look? Our team debates the advantages/disadvantages of these seemingly minute details so you don’t have to. Once we have a script that we’re confident will produce results, we submit it for approval and learn from your feedback.

Production Stage

This is when our script comes to life and the magic begins. Our state-of-the-art production studio and multiple editing suites allow us to create just the right commercial or infomercial for the occasion. NMC can accomplished this in a fraction of the time that it would take a traditional production company. The pacing, images, soundtrack, and supersized sound effects are crucial to keep viewers’ attention and elicit calls. Once we have a “rough cut,” we send it to the entire NMC team as a focus group to get their feedback. We’re proud of our diverse group of intelligent individuals. Everyone’s opinion matters. Is the message clear? Is the commercial/infomercial compelling? Is it compliant and not misleading in any way? We want everyone’s voice represented. If it’s an infomercial, we prepare the script for closed captioning, an FTC requirement that we perform in-house. This final step means it’s ready to be sent out to our dub house for quality control and mass distribution.

Media Distribution

NMC has developed relationships with several media partners across the country. This is where our over 13 year history gives our clients unique and amazing opportunities. We can distribute hundreds of dubs a day and get your message out to the masses quickly. Due to our successful track record, the media is eager to air our offers on a pay-per-call basis. After all, the best production wins. If our commercial generates 50 calls and a competitor generates 25 calls on the same network, our offer will air; and it will air often. Our competitor’s offer may rarely get “clearance” (airtime). They have the option of doubling their rate, but they’ll still generate far fewer calls. The result is you’ll receive twice as many calls at half the rate. In addition, NMC has created a proprietary call tracking system that interacts with our toll-free numbers to report, within five minutes, every call generated from our campaigns, including what media source generated them. We affectionately call the system BOB. This is critical for both our clients and media partners to see campaign performance in near “real time” and to make quick adjustments. When a media partner sees your campaign “taking flight”, they can immediately order more dubs and push it harder, knowing it’s a winner. We’ve taken a one-to-two week process and reduced it to one-to-two days! That’s another reason why we may spend more on performance media than any other agency in the country, resulting in several thousand TV calls a week.

Let NMC Help Grow Your Business

And here’s the really exciting news. We also produce and air infomercials on a pay-per-call basis. We’re the only company in America that produces infomercials for clients and only bills them for the resulting inbound calls. These are shows that we produce at little to no cost! We invest with you to generate inbound calls. And these are calls from excited and engaged consumer who are educated about the services promoted. We take much of the risk and when their show is successful, our clients reap amazing benefits. We provide weekly media schedules and accurate call projections, giving our clients unprecedented control over their pay-per-call infomercial campaign. This is performance marketing at its best. Clients have also come to us with their own shows. Sometimes these shows have been sitting on a shelf collecting dust. We test it with our media partners on our national platform, and suddenly they’re swimming in calls and seeing their sales spike. We love helping clients succeed and impacting their bottom line, and it all starts with the first call (in more ways than one!).

“Any great campaign starts with great creative.” – Matthew Goldreich