The New Face of Direct Response TV Advertising 2018


The DRTV Advertising Effect

In the early days of direct response television advertising (DRTV), most of us remember the fictitious Vitameatavegemin, the hilarious TV commercial featuring Lucille Ball selling a vitamin supplement. Revolutionary for its time, DRTV advertising hit the television airwaves with its “yell and sell” – upfront, direct to consumer method.

Remember the ads for Ginsu Knives? The ingenious marketers (from nearby Rhode Island) behind that campaign found a way to make a surplus of knives manufactured in Ohio seem exciting and exotic. The images, sound effects and allure of “Ginsu” instantly resonated with viewers.

These “As Seen on TV” commercials helped make products household names. Why? Because DRTV works!

These in the moment, performance-driven television ads are effective even on youtube. They entice customers and drive sales fast with their powerful message and a quick call to action. Any salesperson knows that energy is contagious, and a great DRTV campaign is infused with the high-octane energy necessary to get viewers off the couch and on the phone.

With 30 and 60 second DR spots (Short Form) to 30 minute (Long Form) ads (usually referred to as infomercials) give an enticing offer that compels viewers to call a toll-free number or log onto a website to redeem now.

DRTV advertising has helped make virtually unknown products into household brands overnight.

The Changing Face of the DRTV Consumer

According to eMarketer, Americans still watch approximately four and a half hours of television daily.  However, the behavior of consuming media is changing to “content on the go”, with TV viewing amongst out-of-home consumers rising rapidly, according to Nielsen.

With the changes in technology, viewers are now absorbing media through multiple channels, including traditional TV, mobile, online platforms, social media, and phone apps. We are now viewing media on multiple devices like our smartphones, tablets, Apple Watches, etc.

Consumers are also becoming more sophisticated in their buying habits. Research shows 60% of people go online to learn more about a product or service before ordering, according to a recent ComScore survey.

With this fragmented media, consumers want relevant information before the initial purchase point, beyond a single-contact.  They are comparison shopping, looking for the best deal, and searching the web before the actual buy. It is no longer a 1:1 relationship of advertising and a linear TV spot.

A Changing Future for DRTV

As DRTV continues to move forward, brands are seeking affordable, measurable campaigns that work across multiple advertising channels.  It is now the age of integrating television with multi-channel digital marketing.

Agencies are scrambling to seek ways to incorporate traditional TV with these multi-channel digital outlets, using mobile apps, video, social media, and programmatic advertising in ways to attract their demographic.  Those who are doing this best are finding ways to integrate campaigns through these multi-channel digital outlets.

Successful brands such as “Dollar Shave Club” and, on a smaller scale, “Purple Mattress” are using television advertising combined with these powerful new platforms and combining DRTV that aligns with digital marketing.  They are augmenting their direct response campaigns to create further trust in the brand using social and other digital media, resulting in higher ROI.

A product story shared across multiple media platforms results in a much higher exposure rate.  With potentially millions of prospects viewing, there is a direct correlation between the number of views and the cost per lead (CPL) / cost per order (CPO) that skyrockets over traditional media alone.

A New Era of Direct Response

Integrated campaigns are a powerful new platform for DRTV to align with, in order to augment advertising with multi-channel digital marketing.

A recent eMarketer survey saw multi-channel marketing increase annual revenues by 60% or more for those advertisers incorporating multi-platform, integrated marketing campaigns.

DR campaigns have a higher conversion rate when pushed across multiple channels, thus melding traditional campaigns with digital advertising.  The combination of TV and digital advertising can be wildly successful when executed properly.

It is an opportunity for brands to build and grow by increasing customer exposure and, as a result, increasing brand engagement and conversions.

It is truly an exciting time for DRTV.

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