Successful DRTV Advertising Campaigns in 2018 Start With Understanding Your Target Audience


The most successful direct-response television advertising (DRTV) campaigns so far in 2018 stem from companies knowing who their “ideal” audience is and understanding their significant pain points. Only then do brands bring big value and in real-time.

Enough so, in fact, that their advertising captures the attention for viewers to take immediate action.

Direct-response advertising’s emphasis is to immediately educate and provide a clear call-to-action to entice consumers to quickly engage. This is essentially bottom-of-the-funnel marketing. What business doesn’t want that?

Importance of Target Audience in Ad Campaigns

Discovering where your target audience resides and scripting a message to them for engagement and action sounds easy enough. But this process isn’t guesswork and there’s no magic wand for results. Well, maybe a little magic helps, in the form of unique and attention-grabbing creatives!

For the most part, it takes dedication and knowledge in clarifying your brand identity, understanding your audience, and making the intersection of the two powerful.

We get it. This may appear as a business “no-brainer”, but it’s too often overlooked. Digging deeply to reveal your audience and language that resonates with them takes research, even market infiltration.

Though understanding an audience is not new to advertising, knowing your ideal target audience is fundamentally essential for any brand’s success. And in 2018, there are more tools for digging into analytics than ever before.

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Luckily, we work to hone in on appropriate audiences for clients, each and every day.

Start by looking at your business data on your “best” customers. Dig deep into market research by including interviews and talking to real customers. And don’t forget to analyze your competition.

This business data should reveal and identify which “ideal” customers are a good fit for your brand.

For instance, @StitchFix (women’s wardrobe subscription) appeals to the busy, working female audience who needs to dress well but has no time to shop. That’s their ideal target audience.

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Crafting the Message

Understanding your target audience is not enough. Crafting convincing messaging to induce them to buy, goes deeper still. Whether you have a product or service, either B2B or B2C, scripting a compelling message to buy starts with the same audience-identifying techniques.

After identifying as accurately and specifically as possible the audience you are targeting, we can then pinpoint messaging to speak directly to them.

When you understand your target audience and the reason they buy your product or service, then you can create a strong brand message.

If your goal is to generate consumer response, as it should be for any DRTV campaign, bear in mind that you must create the right “environment” within your ads to compel viewers to take an action. Many advertisers forget that even if you nail your message and profile, consumers won’t take action if they’re not in the “right” mood. This is where experience and creativity play a pivotal role in your campaign’s success. Setting the right mood ensures your audience will be receptive to your message and respond to it.

Next, determining the best channels for your brand message can seem daunting. We get it!

Finally, discovering if your message is resonating with your desired audience requires testing, testing, testing and measuring results so you can act on them and improve.

Performance-Based (DRTV) Marketing isn’t Different

There is no difference with branded performance-based DRTV marketing. Knowing a brand’s audience and crafting a message that speaks directly to them works the same way in DR.

  • Identify the Target Audience
  • Craft the “sweet spot” Messaging (scripting)
    • Create a buying environment means setting the right mood for a positive response.
  • Film & Edit Commercial (directing/production)
  • National & Cable TV Media Buying (buying air time where that audience resides)
  • Test & Measure the Data (data analysis & message refinements)

The Take-Away

Know your audience inside and out; beyond basic demographics like age, income level, gender, etc. Focus on your most valuable clientele and speak to them or survey them, asking key questions. Analyze what you learn by combining all data collected. Make use of intensive market research and don’t forget competitor analysis to help narrowly define your target.

Not every customer is YOUR customer, so beware of targeting the entire planet. Instead, bring the knowledge and valuable market research you’ve acquired to make the most of your advertising dollars spent.

Craft an ad that will resonate with your customer profile, and create a “buying environment” with the mood of your ads.

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