NMC and Industry News


Welcome to the first installment of the National Media Connection (NMC) blog. I’m pleased to write that we have a lot going on right now. We are still glowing from a fruitful trip to Tampa, FL, where we completed a monster shoot that will have a massive impact on our company’s, and our clients’, futures. I’m not prepared to make an announcement yet, but I can assure you that America will soon see the product of the last several months of work on the air within two weeks. The ads are for Debt Help Center, USA and will be fully compliant. We hope this will allow us to generate enough calls to satisfy ever increasing industry demand. One thing I’ve learned in over 15 years in this business, though, is that you never know. Sometimes “shoe-ins” end up going bust and unheralded ads bask in the glory of nearly unlimited returns. It’s this unknown factor that makes our business so exciting and frustrating at the same time! We’ll put the ads out there and let America decide…

Meanwhile, we’re continuing to build our Auto Loan Modification brand and are generating calls to meet rising demand. Media inventory remains surprisingly tight across all brands and networks. Direct Response ads are appearing more regularly than ever before and even the “big boys” are throwing toll free numbers in their ads and flooding the airwaves with fat budgets. They also pay higher rates and tolerate a higher cost-per-call, squeezing ad inventory tighter and tighter. Once dubbed the “red-headed stepchild” of the advertising industry, Direct Response now deserves credit for keeping both local stations and national networks in business. This means our ads need to be more effective and our media buys more efficient. I promise you that we’re working tirelessly to do both and will continue to do so going forward.

We have many exciting new features rolling out on the call distribution side. Just this week, we added a feature with Kall-8 that allows clients to see what calls received are “repeats” and which are new. Soon we will offer concurrent calling as well as other special features to make our clients’ experience with us even more enjoyable.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements soon…

Matt Goldreich