The NMC Guarantee

The National Media Connection Promise:

All leads are delivered directly, immediately and only to you – in real time.

All leads are one hundred percent exclusive – guaranteed with independent third-party reporting.

Unless noted in advance, all our leads are generated only through TV or radio advertising. (Be careful: Some lead generators will blend internet, mobile and survey calls with a little television and claim they’ve got the lowest television CPL).

You are never charged for a lead outside of the parameters that you’ve set on your order form. We will never arbitrarily send leads just to complete an order.

NMC will make every effort to ensure FTC compliance with necessary due diligence and will feature disclaimers throughout each commercial to offer further protection.

At NMC there are no hidden charges, no long term contracts and no significant financial investment to get started. Please see our FAQs on pricing structure or for further information on pricing, contact us.

No surprises. All prospective clients receive an NMC leads defined one-sheet explaining the specifics of how we determine what is or is not considered a lead. Legitimate and verifiable wrong numbers and faxes will always be immediately credited.

Our independent third-party call reporting system ensures that all repeat calls within a specified time period are routed only back to you, the initial client number.

Leads are considered unique, unduplicated calls. The system will recognize any duplicate and it will never count on your reporting. Consequently, you will only be billed once for each call and never miss a call back.

But NMC is more than just superior lead generation. We are first and foremost a company of dedicated and caring people committed to helping your company succeed; and we’re very grateful for your business.

At NMC, we feel strongly that, when a client calls, they should immediately speak with a human being who can listen to their needs and direct them to the right place. That’s why you won’t get an automated voicemail system from 8am-6pm EST Monday through Friday. You’ll speak with a friendly and courteous person!

We offer true customer service: availability, accountability, efficiency, transparency and proven effectiveness