National Media Connection Staff

Matthew Goldreich: President & CEO

Considered one of advertising’s most respected and imaginative broadcast media buyers and campaign managers, Matthew Goldreich has a nearly 20-year track record of direct response marketing success.

An expert in television and radio infomercial and short form marketing, Matt has created and produced winning campaigns for the mortgage, auto, insurance, hair restoration and a multitude of other industries.

His mortgage clients have included Greenlight Financial and Lend America, who with Matt’s innovative direction, grew to become one of the country’s largest and most recognized mortgage companies.

Founder of his own successful full service advertising agency and production company, Matt’s broadcast employment includes NBC and Pax (ION) Television. He has written, produced, and directed dozens of infomercials as well as short form, direct response ads.

A graduate of Temple University, Matt resides in Niantic, CT with his wife, Laurie, and their three children, Zach, Hannah, and Olivia.

Stephen Shaw: Chief Operations Officer

Stephen grew up in southern Connecticut and earned his accounting degree from Hartford Institute of Accounting. He continued to pursue his education in Business and Finance at the University of New Haven. Stephen join the NMC team in August of 2009 and brings with him years of experience in the Business and Finance fields. Previous experience includes 26 years of finance and planning for a multi-million dollar manufacturing organization with facilities in Connecticut, Illinois and California.

Hank "Ten" Tenney: Vice President of Sales/Creative Director

A 30 year+ professional in the communications industry, Hank spent nearly 25 years with Connecticut Schools of Broadcasting, the oldest and largest group of communication schools in the country.

As National Sales Director, he was responsible for all sales/admissions and marketing for all 12 corporate branches – generating in excess of 100 million dollars in revenue during his tenure. Hanks other job titles included General Manager of Operations and Corporate Director.
Hank started his career in broadcasting working in Harford, Connecticut as a radio personality, newscaster, copywriter and voice over talent.

He has continued freelancing, and to date has been on camera and/or done voice work for dozens of national TV and radio commercials, corporate industrials and books on tape. You can hear Hank’s voice on most of our television and radio commercials and infomercials.
In addition, he’s written, directed and produced numerous national television and radio commercials.

Just prior to joining NMC, Hank worked in advertising and marketing for the CBS radio division.

Initially a pre-law candidate, Hank graduated with a degree in marketing/communications from Ithaca College

Molly Newell: Director of Media Services

Molly has extensive Direct Response Marketing experience. She has held positions of Media Coordinator, Traffic Manager (need we say more?), Account Manager and Project Manager. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Eastern Connecticut State University with a concentration in Advertising and a minor in Psychology.

Laurie Goldreich: Human Resources Director/Events Coordinator

Laurie Goldreich serves as Business Operations at NMC.  She handles all aspects of human resources and lends a hand with day-to-day operations of the business.  All company “fun” activities are arranged by Laurie to keep the company morale at optimum levels.   Laurie has over 32 years of experience in the media industry including cable television, corporate video productions, as well as radio programming and promotions.

Laurie lives with her husband Matt and three children, Zach, Hannah, and Olivia in Niantic, CT.  She enjoys playing the piano, flute, singing, and a good kickboxing workout. And she’s not afraid to use those skills when an employee steps out of line (just kidding).

Julie Vangel: Office Manager

Julie brings with her over 20 years of experience as an administrator and has an extensive and diverse background. Julie originally hails from Maine but now lives in Rhode Island with her family.

Pricilla King: Client Services Coordinator

Prior to joining NMC, Priscilla worked as a Senior Research Analyst for a Philadelphia based reinsurance intermediary and has provided exceptional client support within the Financial Services industry. Priscilla’s interests include music, fitness, and new technology. A veteran information technology and administrative professional, of all her accomplishments, her son, William is her greatest.