Pay Per Call / Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing, or pay-per-call advertising, is where clients only pay for live lead generation on a “performance” basis. Direct response advertising provides lead generation that allows our clients to communicate straight to their target audience. Our television ads air nationally and locally across multiple media avenues — television, video advertising, and interactive consumer websites — to directly reach our target audience.

The advertiser only pays for the number of calls received in response to the commercials and infomercials.

  • From script to screen, NMC provides low production costs & National media buys.
  • Low to No Risk- clients pay for actual, tracked calls received
  • NMC provides full service, exclusive call campaigns
  • Independent, third-party reporting on campaign performance
  • When the pay-per-call campaign runs, our clients immediately start receiving calls from motivated prospects

Pay per call has become the preferred marketing method in today’s competitive environment. Otherwise known as performance marketing, pay-per-call removes the risk of traditional advertising by allowing companies to simply pay for live inbound calls received directly from the viewed commercials.

At NMC we create successful television campaigns, which start by scripting and storyboarding. We work with national talent to film and edit the commercial or infomercial.  Once it’s produced, it goes through a compliance review.

Our media buyer then identifies and buys air time on networks and local stations for the best reach for the desired target audience with national or geographically targeted campaigns. In addition, we release the “offer” to all of our trusted media partners who agree to air it for a specific cost per call.

Toll-free numbers are set up and tagged to the commercial and sent to specific chosen networks. NMC provides testing and time tracking to ensure optimal results for each of our commercials.

How Pay Per Call Works for NMC Clients

At National Media Connection we are the only company in the USA that can produce and air commercials AND infomercials on a pay-per-call basis. We’ve helped turn small companies into large ones and made big companies even bigger.

With NMC and our pay-per-call platform, our clients pay for live inbound calls generated by our active media campaigns.

Performance Marketing allows clients to only pay for calls at a fixed price, making it easy to budget for sustainable growth.

National Media Connection works as your marketing/advertising/sales partner. Let us provide your businesses with a cost effective way to obtain inbound sales calls. That’s our specialty.

You can focus 100% of your resources towards fielding and servicing all of the calls you’re going to receive from interested prospects.