Senior Market - Auto Insurance Lead Generation

Live Inbound Auto Insurance Calls For the Senior Market

National Media Connection generates senior auto insurance leads from our thirty-minute infomercials targeting consumers 65+ looking to lower their car insurance payments.

Auto insurance providers who want to reach the senior market with high-quality lead generation, look to National Media Connection to deliver live inbound calls from TV advertising.

At NMC we don’t just sell leads – we deliver live inbound calls.

NMC’s nationwide TV advertising generates live calls from senior citizens looking for savings on auto insurance.

We have created senior auto insurance long-form commercials that air on national broadcast television networks as well as local stations.

NMC delivers live car insurance leads, from the senior market – in real-time with calls sent directly to agents and auto insurance providers.

Americans over 65 make up 15 percent of the total population, according to the 2015 U.S. Census Bureau.

NMC can help you reach the largest and fastest growing demographic in America.

Our TV infomercials are for seniors who are looking to save on auto insurance coverage.

NMC is a direct lead supplier; not a lead broker. At NMC we offer cost-effective live lead generation programs where you only pay for exclusive auto insurance calls, sent directly in real-time to our auto insurance clients.

Senior Market Auto Insurance Infomercial

NMC Senior Auto Insurance TV Infomercial Leads are:

  • Exclusive, Inbound Calls
  • Affordable
  • Targeted

You’ll speak with prospects often while they’re watching our program!

  • Make an instant connection with motivated interested prospects.
  • Get an immediate infusion of new clients.
  • You set all your days, hours and volume parameters.
  • Third party call tracking with analytics included.

Our commercials and infomercials are all FTC compliant; vetted by a highly respected and venerated Washington D.C. law firm. And you’ll never have to worry about violating the new TCPA laws, because you’re receiving inbound calls from interested consumers.

Half Hour Infomercials Deliver Live, Exclusive, Inbound Auto Insurance Leads for Seniors.