What Is Next For Lead Generation?


Having been in the broadcast business for over 16 years now I happen to know a few people. I know people who sell ad space and I know plenty of people who advertise their businesses on TV and Radio. Over the past few months I have been checking in with all my friends and have found one thing we all seem to have in common: We have been waiting for that next big thing. And by that next big thing I mean a service that the American public needs right now. Two and a half years ago mortgage modification ads blew our phone lines up. A year and a half ago we added debt settlement to the mix and quickly saw our call volume nearly double. I remember saying that it was a sad state of affairs that what Americans appear to need most is help fighting off foreclosure and/or massive credit card debt and medical bills. Mortgage services were basically gone and so was the demand for nearly everything that did not involve staving off financial disaster. And while we are still airing ads for these services it is clear that the need for them has diminished. Thus the universal question… what next? Stay tuned for the answer.

About a month ago, we began airing TV ads that promote Vehicle Service Contracts (VSC), formerly referred to as Auto Warranties. From day one, we were generating calls. As the campaign has gained momentum, our call volume has increased exponentially. Bear in mind, we have aired VSC ads in the past and we had a very large VSC client who hired us to produce and air ads for him a couple of years ago… but the response was never this good. It looks like people are starting to come out of their financial duress, and are looking for ways to protect themselves from letting it happen again. I mean, if your car breaks down and you do not have the cash, you are going to throw it on your credit card… right? Next thing you know, you have got huge credit card debts and cannot afford your mortgage and so on. Perhaps Americans are becoming more aware of why they are falling into debt and are budgeting better. That is a perfect scenario for VSC since its main selling point is staying within the consumers budget.

It has often been said that when one window closes another opens. In this case I would edit that statement to read that as one window narrows another is flung wide open! We are still chugging away with Debt Settlement and Mortgage Modification campaigns and now we have another exciting vehicle taking off. We have diligently researched VSC. We know who the ideal customer is and we know where to find them. Most importantly we know how to make them excited about obtaining a VSC so that when they call they are serious about talking with someone who can sell them one. We only target top tier networks so that our calls are from viewers who can afford to pay the monthly fee. And our ads are of the highest broadcast quality filmed and edited in HD. These are ingredients that have allowed our clients to flourish in all verticals like Debt Loan Mod and Mortgage and it is also working great for VSC. Our clients are experiencing average call durations of over 11 minutes! They are talking with excited prospects and generating tremendous profit… and we are satisfying their need for leads every day. What is really exciting about this vertical is that it looks like it could be around for a very long time. This means having a strong relationship with an exceptional marketing company will allow VSC companies years of stable growth and income. National Media Connection has done its work and we are poised to help companies in this space experience fantastic growth. We have no less than three new ads debuting over the next two weeks and we are growing our network of trusted stations and networks daily. If you are looking for the next thing to sell and a special company to fill your pipeline beyond your wildest dreams… look no further!

A Special Offer From National Media Connection

As we ramp up our VSC TV campaigns we are looking for a few good partners to take our calls. We only want honest hard working and ethical companies who are serious about growing. If you are organized and excel at training a large sales staff and keeping them hungry… there is no limit to what we can do together. National Media Connection is ready to fulfill all your needs. Our quality assurance along with lead tracking/distribution system and generous return policy nearly guarantee your success. To get you started we are going to make it a no-brainer. When you place your first order, we will add a 10% bonus. So if you order 50 live quality leads you will get 55. Order 200 and you will get 220. The more quality live leads you order the more free leads you will receive! And due to our unique delivery system we can keep the calls at the pace you choose… whether you need 10 a day or 200 a day. We can only generate so many TV leads and we refuse to compromise quality so call or email now to reserve your calls before there is none left.

Although the economy is improving and consumers are awakening from their spending slumber… things are still tough out there. Most of the economic improvements have not yet filtered down to the average Joe. That is why we could use all the help we can get. Do not miss out on this opportunity to work with an exciting lead source who has a fantastic track record and who stands ready to help you succeed.

Stay tuned for more!

Matt Goldreich
National Media Connection